Network Design

Find out exactly what you need to get your new network project off the ground. Contact a Delta Pro rep and get informed.

Microsoft Active Directory Design

Align your IT needs with your business goals and objectives using the versatility of Microsoft's Active Directory architecture.

Online Services/ E-Commerce Planning

Capitalize on the online marketplace. Simple E-Commerce solutions are available to make your online presence profitable.

Office Automation

Increase the efficiency in your workplace through IT solutions such as electronic document storage and management.

Device Integration

Integrate your company mobile phones, laptops and PDAs with your business network to maximize communication among coworkers.

IT Budgeting

When putting together your IT budget, get the most value for every dollar spent on IT costs with the advice of a professional from Delta Pro.

Training & End User Workshops

The most valuable resource in any enterprise is its people. Properly trained staff is more productive, efficient and satisfied, an investment that always pays off.