Two Computers - wireless

A wireless network allows you to share your high-speed internet connection with every PC in your home or office. Which means you can browse the web from anywhere your you can connect to your network. Connect wirelessly from your laptop on the balcony, print from your couch and email work from your bed.

The Network Setup package includes:

  • Installation of a router and applicable cards to a high-speed source between 2 computers (wired or wireless).
  • Configuration of router settings - Username/Password, SSID and WPA for wireless connections- to encrypt your network.
  • Verify connections to make sure the networked computers can share and print (if applicable).
  • After your network is installed and up and running, we will walk you through OS file and print sharing and discuss any network limitations that you might have.
  • If you would like, we will also give you a demonstration on power cycling procedures and virus/spyware security education.

Any additional computer added to the network will be charged extra.

Note: Additional charges will apply if your computer already has spyware or viruses and you want to have them removed - see Virus and Spyware Cleanup.